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Dominic Miller

December 15 | Set Times: 7:30pm

Cover: $$25 | Doors: 6:00pm
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2 drink minimum for table service | Happy Hour 6pm-7pm

Dominic Miller enjoys an enviable reputation both in the professional world and among music lovers everywhere. Born in Buenos Aires to an American father and a Irish mother he studied guitar at Boston’s prestigious Berklee College and London’s Guildhall School of Music and he’s been a sought after session musician since the late 80s. His list of  engagements defy categorization but include collaborations with The Chieftains (“Long Black Veil”), Eddi Reader (“Mirmama”), Manu Dibango (“Wakafrika”) and Tina Turner (“Wildest Dreams”). Since Sting’s 1991 album “The Soul Cages,” Dominic Miller has been involved in every Sting album since and performed over a thousand concerts with the former Police singer as well as co-written hit songs such as “Shape Of My Heart.”

Now with “ad hoc” this guitarist extraordinaire has added another highlight to his solo discography.

“As with past albums, all the tunes are written fairly quickly. It’s the arranging that takes time. I love solving problems, like how to get from one key to the next and back “home” successfully. The thing with inspiration is it’s just like a clue to a much bigger picture. My job is to honor it, decode it, then finish it as if I were given a single solution to a crossword puzzle.”

The active support he has gathered around himself by using outstanding masters of their craft whilst trying to crack this latest musical puzzle has paid off for Miller. With them at his side he has created an open-minded new work, which should delight fans of rich and diverse sounds everywhere. Those working at the frontiers of their art don’t care about traditional genre barriers and in titles like “Exiting Purgatory,” written in an intricate 7/8, the tender and melodic “Eva,” the meditative “Shavasana” and “Moroccan Roll” reminiscent of Weather Report’s World Jazz, he has transcended all style barriers.

What is special with this album is that he doesn’t just stop at the mere crossover of time signatures,  close together, sometimes wide apart, its the combination of modern jazz, electronica, acoustic folk, contemporary classical and world music combined “ad hoc” style that leads to something entirely new. There isn’t yet an appropriate genre term for such a symbiosis, its yet to be coined, any suggestions anyone?



Club Bonafide
212 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022