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E.J. Strickland’s Transient Beings

November 30 | Set Times: 9:30PM

Cover: $$15 | Doors: 9:30PM
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E.J. Strickland – drums

Sarah Elizabeth Charles – vocals & effects

Mark Whitfield – guitar

Tom Guarna – guitar

Richie Goods – electric bass

Founded in the spirit of the present moment, EJ Strickland’s electrifying new project, Transient Beings, is a sonic exploration into the one trait that unites us all: impermanence. With its distinct instrumentation—Rashaan Carter on bass, guitarists Nir Felder and Tom Guarna, and Sarah Elizabeth Charles on vocals and effects—Strickland lays the foundation for openness, insight, and harmony-through-dissonance, core tenets of the group’s message.

Strickland’s approach to uniting listeners is by offering something for everybody, with songs written in a range of musical styles. Naturally, the influence of jazz pulses throughout, in winding, intricate solos, uncommon time signatures, and textured rhythms. But there’s more than jazz percolating beneath the surface: Afrobeat, funk, rock—the kinds of sounds that naturally emanate from a group with two adept guitarists, Carter on electric bass, Strickland’s genre-crossing musical taste and experience, and Charles on vocals, singing lyrics that get right to the heart of it: “The truth is the way to find yourself…the truth is the only way to get to you.” (“Testimony”)

Music has the power to uplift and transform. Armed with this knowledge, and a desire to share it, Transient Beings reminds us to cherish our time on Earth—guaranteed not to last, but worthy of being lived, here and now.



Club Bonafide
212 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022