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Friday, September 27, 2019


September 27 | Set Times: 10:00 PM

Cover: $15.00 | Doors: 9:30 PM
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Kaïssa has become an unmistakable representative of African music to the planet. Her voice simultaneously showcases warmth, appreciation, struggle and resilience. Kaissa has no fear; her music is singular, unique and distinctive. With the poise and grace of Nancy Wilson, the feistiness of Nina Simone, the dignity of Miriam Makeba, Kaissa delivers striking live performances.

“Kaïssa owns a voice of substance and strength (…) SING OUT

“aïssa’s voice and phrasing are exceptional,. Clarity and power are the hallmark of a strong female African voice” ALL MUSIC

“Kaïssa has a strong, appealing voice that resonates” People Weekly World

“Nika Pata Lambo (Such a Thing)” by the superb Kaïssa Doumbé, who sings in her native Douala.

Her track is one of four standout songs on this 13-track compilation” HONOLULU STAR

“With Paul Simon at the helm, the band  then transitioned  into “Under African Skies”. For this song (and the next several), Simon ceded the floor to the amazing vocals of Cameroonian singer” EAR FARM



Club Bonafide
212 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022