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Gustavo Orihuela Quartet

May 12 | Set Times: 8:00pm

Cover: $$15 | Doors: 7:30pm
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Gustavo Orihuela Quartet, is a Bolivian band directed by the modern violinist Gustavo Orihuela who has a Gypsy Jazz album recorded in Valencia Spain with his band “Le Petit Manouche” 2012.

Orihuela received the impulse of several national artists, colleagues and friends that allowed him to make a musical album as a soloist in Bolivia, being BOLIVIAN VIOLIN a musical album pioneer in developing popular Bolivian music and fusions in Jazz with the Violin. The musical group has an educational work in addition to the artistic, sensitize children’s and youth audiences and cover different social themes such as diversity, interculturality, migration, and music as a cross-cultural phenomenon. They have traveled to Bolivia, several countries of South America: Chile, Paraguay, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, the United States and have been preparing the tour of European countries in 2019.

The musical styles covered by this cast are rooted and nurtured by popular Bolivian music in the first instance, developing through modern languages and jazz, as well as the pillar of Gypsy Jazz or Jazz Gypsy with all the experience of Europe, as well as the styles and the keys of the Latin Jazz and the New tango very present in the sound and the personality of the cast. Gustavo Orihuela is a promoter of Bolivian music in the world and he is sensitizing qualities of diversity and interculturality through music and music therapy.


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