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Roberto Poveda

October 2 | Set Times: 9:30PM

Cover: $$15 | Doors: 8:00PM
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Roberto Poveda, is without a doubt a performer with the unique ability of reaching deep down into his Cuban roots, and deliver Soulful, Eclectic, and Hypnotizing songs which he both writes and performs with the passion of a true artist.

Poveda is a performer who has wandered with his guitar from one venue to another over the past few years, building an audience of loyal followers. Povedas’ unique approach in combining the various Cuban music forms of Son, Bolero, Rumba, & Timba, with Jazz, R & B, and Rap has resulted in a sound all his own.

Following in the steps of his grandfather, a Cuban Troubadour in the traditional vein, Poveda joined Havana’s Nueva Trova movement, maturing musically among a new generation of Cuban singer / songwriters. In 1989 Poveda moved to Colombia, where he starred in Soap Operas, and in 1997 he relocated to Miami with a publishing deal with Peer Music. Commissioned to write the kind of catchy pop that could be recorded by Latin stars and hit the charts. (His brother, Donato, is one such Latin hit maker).

His first U.S. album – Son Electrico, takes you beyond boundaries rarely heard or experienced. Son Electrico resonates with tremendous feeling delivered by Povedas rum-on-the rocks vocals and genuine playing. Son Electrico features 10 tracks, all written by Poveda or co-written with other artists, including Colombian singer / songwriter Juanes.

As with his live shows, Poveda experiments here with a gamut of ballad-based styles, incorporating Son, Bolero, and R & B. The results are often reminiscent of the music of other artists, ranging from the updated country son of the late Cuban star Polo Montanez, the electric licks of Santana, and the disparate Cuban folk-rock styles of Povedas Cuban contemporaries.

Without a doubt Son Electrico is an intimate and appealing ode to the well-crafted song. Poveda has generously opened his Heart and Soul with Son Electrico. We can only imagine that this is a glimpse of what is yet to come from the great talent of Roberto Poveda…


Club Bonafide
212 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022