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“Poveda: Exploring the music of the Cuban Troubadour”.

September 19 | Set Times: 8:00 PM

Cover: $12.00 | Doors: 7:30 PM
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Poveda is a Latin-Jazz trio helmed by Cuban-American artist and musical veteran, Roberto Poveda. After 30 years of focusing on the traditional aspects of Latin and Afro-Cuban music, writing, recording, producing and touring the world, POVEDA marks a new musical journey for this Havana born Troubadour. Currently based in Brooklyn, NY working with drummer Layton Weedeman and bassist Loisel Machin Rodriguez, the trio’s sound is pleasantly hypnotic and laid-back, exploring musical dynamics rooted in Cuban, Spanish, Jazz, Pop, Hip-Hop and World styles.


Club Bonafide
212 East 52nd Street
New York, NY 10022